Loss Control

AmCom Insurance Services will help develop a loss control program specifically designed for commercial auto fleets. We will propose a partnership with our agents to help create a low risk environment. Independent safety consultants may be required to provide expert loss prevention service. Our objective is to coordinate loss prevention methods with our agents and each insured.

The efforts described below are intended to enhance the agent/client relationship while reducing our exposure to loss. The success of this process hinges on a partnership between the insured, their agent and the carrier. 

Loss Control Premise 

The prerequisite of every Safety Program is the full support of the owners as well as all managers and supervisors. It is essential that management promote “on-the job” safety. As a requirement of employment, each and every employee must be accountable for their actions in support of the company’s loss prevention efforts. 

Agents Responsibilities 

  • A completed application including business history 
  • Understand the exposure. 
  • Familiarization with safety management as prescribed by AmCom